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Devops Culture

Devops Culture


Devops Culture provides software engineers with one place that holds a wide variety of concepts, ideas, and tools related to software and its eco-system. This knowledge will help you gain good architectural abilities that will help you design, develop and operate your application correctly.

We believe there is no reason to write what is already covered by experts. Therefore, most of the sections provide links to articles. Some parts will provide you with knowledge, and some will provide you with a new source to consume knowledge.
No section is more important than the other, so don't skip anything!

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It is always a pleasure to get an issue or a PR.
Please make sure your contribution is relevant and not redundant.

The Devops RoadMap Shock 🤯

The objective of this example is to give you an understanding of how big the world of software is.
This website shows the knowledge a 'devops engineer' must gain to succeed in his/hers role.
It is not a full example but it sure helps to understand the basics of how much there is to know - yes, you need to know everything.

More to talk about

I'm always happy to talk about software. If you have any question, please reach out!
By the way, if you are close to me, a software conversation on a cup of coffee is better. ☕

Itamar Marom: